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by Alyce Platt

The music, written and performed by Alyce Platt, is both poetic and heartfelt, providing a strong backdrop which emotionally resonates throughout the film.


IN A PAST LIFE, Alyce was an Australian television icon, held in genuine affection by the public for her years on national television and for her acting career, but these days Alyce is highly regarded by her peers as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. Her voice - warm, sensual, hushed, then full-throttle powerful highlights both her vocal talent, as well as her extraordinary song writing abilities. Her songs, somewhat eccentric, yet emotionally engaging, go right to the heart. And the calibre of the musicians who come together to record and perform with her are truly special.

“ Layered in self aware emotion, she exudes that rare star quality similar to Marianne Faithful, Chrissie Amphlett, Renee Geyer, Debbie Harry, Colleen Hewitt, Cyndi Lauper and Annie Ross just to name a few….” Nick Pilgrim, http// Five stars